Support and Services the ReasonableControls Company provides

Currently Reasonable Controls services are available on territory of Poland

Reasonable Controls support and services:

  • Design and construction of building automation and surveillance installations
  • Design and construction of electrical installations
  • Automation and electrical installation service and maintenance.

ReasonableControls gives you complete solution - from initial concept to post-implementation care. We cooperate with qualified teams, the key things, however, we do by our own hands. And it is us, who is always the face to the customer

The whole system implementation process is well defined, and driven using known and practically verified project management methodology. It consists of few steps focused on delivering expected results. These steps are:

Project Definition

The main question asked is What shall we do?. This is the most important question. Properly answered allows the project to continue flawlessly. We will sit together and agree on what is to be delivered. At this point we will not talk about technical details, rather about what functionality the complete system should provide, and how it will be interacted with.
This step defines the Project Scope

Having answered the question What? we will now focus on How we will do it. This happens in our quiet office. We will heavily use our brains to end up with system design, from general concept down to the specification of every single component. At this point we will also identify any possible gaps between requirements and functionality, and decide how to manage them. Once we finish, we will have Implementation Specification Document, which you will be presented to. This is good time to make corrections to the initial concept. It will be pretty hard to do it at later stage.


So we know what and how to do. It's time to plan it. We normally know how long different things take, we will therefore put all these things together and make up the Project Plan. The project plan tells us what and in which order we will do out job. It is normally the internal document, however it always requires to be consulted with external companies who do their job in the same place.


Now it is the time to stand up from the desks and do what was planned. We will do a lot of things that look like magic, but we are open to explain them to you. You are always welcome to visit us and ask questions, it is your system at the end of the day. We will not keep too many secrets to ourselves.

System handover and post-installation support

Once the things are connected together, the implementation documents are complete, and the system is tested, it is time to let you use it. During handover procedure our team, together with you, will verify that the delivered functionality is consistent with what was agreed and defined in the definition phase. We will go through every single sentence in the Solution Definition Document and confirm that we did what we were extected to do.

If the complexity of the system requires it - we will provide you with operation and maintenance training. We will also give you user manual documentation, and our technician will be available for on-site support for agreed period of time.

About ReasonableControls

ReasonableControls company is a dynamic team of people who decided to be creative on their own. With strong technical background and years of experience in embedded systems design, want to give you the advantages of automation systems without using magic words, for reasonable price.


We are glad to answer your questions, should you have any, please give us a shout.

Adres: ul. Waniliowa 33, 62-023 Kamionki, Poland
Telefon: +48-536-407-268