ReasonableControls products

All devices described here have been designed and prototyped by ReasonableControls engineers.

Out devices use BACnet protocol for communication. Find out more about BACnet.

Extendable BACnet device

Mounted on the DIN rail, at its simplest form provides 8 switch (on/off) inputs and 4 relay outputs.

  • 24V AC powered
  • Ethernet/BIP or MSTP interface
  • 8 debounced, ESD protected inputs
  • 4 relay outputs

Module's functionality can be easily extended by adding up to 4 extension modules

Wall switch MSTP interface for BACnet

This device allows to connect standard wall switch to the BACnet network. It is mounted in the wall switch box, just behind the switch.

  • BACnet MSTP interface
  • 8 debounced, ESD protected inputs
  • Extremely compact size

Single chanel light dimmer for BACnet

In case you do not need centrally installed multichanel dimmer - here is solution for you. Small, yet robust, single chanel reverse phase dimmer.

  • BACnet MSTP interface
  • IGBT power stage
  • Extremely compact size

Temperature and humidity sensor

  • BACnet MSTP interface
  • Optional local display

Room temperature controller with display

  • BACnet MSTP interface

Touch glass wall switches

Modern design and nice look. Choose from standard models or let us design one for you. Then use it for window blinds control, alarm system arming or setting up favourite light scene in your living room.

  • BACnet MSTP interface
  • Different configurations
  • Customizable

Smart wall switch

Configurable wall switch with LCD display and touch screen. Can be used for controlling another devices, compact monitoring point or both.

  • BACnet MSTP interface
  • 3.2'' LCD touch screen
  • In-system configurable

System control terminal

The place where you have access to all functions and parameters of the system, either via easy-to-use predefined screens or in expert mode.

  • LCD capacitive touch screen
  • Android operating system
  • WiFi

Simple building controller

This device is the brain of the whole system. It converts events and conditions into actions. Suitable for small installations.

  • Dual core ARM CPU
  • Linux system with Real Time kernel
  • Ethernet interface
  • LCD display for status monitoring

IP / MSTP router

This is the interface between MSTP and IP network. You need this router to be able to communicate with MSTP devices.

  • 32-bit CPU
  • Configurable via web page

About ReasonableControls

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